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New Year Celebration 2020 at Hama-rikyu


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  • New Year celebration at Hama-rikyu Garden

    2 -3 January 2020
    Hama-rikyu onshi teien

    Hama-rikyu, a splendid Japanese-style garden dating back to the Edo period, will celebrate New Year 2020 with a variety of events highlighting the traditions.

    Highlights of New Year celebration at Hama-rikyu

    ◆New Year’s flight of the falcon

    The age-old art of falconry will be demonstrated to celebrate New Year 2020. Watch the falcon make beautiful flights over the garden at 11 am and 2 pm (cancellation in case of rain).

    The demonstration of Aikido will also take place before or after the falconry demonstration.

    ◆Zoni soup from the Edo period

    Have you ever tasted “zoni” soup, a typical Japanese New Year’s dish? If not, try a bowl of “o-zoni” in the garden.

    The preparation is according to the 18th-century recipe from the kitchen of the eleventh Tokugawa Shogun Ienari (food and drink fees extra, cancellation in case of rain).

    ◆In the mood of New Year

    Visitors can also play, for free, traditional New Year’s games, such as hane-tsuki (a Japanese battledore) and koma-mawashi (games with spinning-tops).

* The above is the information known at the time of publication and subject to change without prior notice.

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