Tokyo Tower Milky Way Illumination


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  • Milky Way Illumination

    21 June – 23 September 2024
    Tokyo Tower


    A starry sky of LED lights, blending into Tokyo’s nightscape.

    The Milky Way Illumination, a visual feast that Tokyo’s iconic tower offers every summer, comes back for the 2024 edition.


    Tokyo Tower Milky Way Illumination 2024

    The Milky Way Illumination at Tokyo Tower features a fantastic Milky Way made of a total of 30,000 twinkling stars of LED lights.

    The illumination event takes place at the height of 150 meters, on the north side of the first floor of the Main Deck in the direction facing the Imperial Palace and Marunouchi area.

    Have this fantastic experience for just the fees for the Main Deck.


    Highlights of Tokyo Tower Milky Way Illumination

    The illumination theme is “Tanabata” or Star Festival that features the tragic love tale of Orihime and Hikoboshi, two lovers who became stars separated by the Milky Way and are only allowed to meet once a year.

    At the Main Deck, the visitors can take in views of the Milky Way illumination and Tokyo’s nightscape for a fantastic summer evening.

    東京タワー 天の川イルミネーション|あみゅーぜん

    東京タワー 天の川イルミネーション|あみゅーぜん

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