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Cherry blossoms at Toneri Park 2020


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  • Cherry blossoms at Toneri Park 2020

    Mid-March – mid-April 2020


    On 27 March, Tokyo Metropolitan Government asked its residents (and visitors, by extension) not to go visit o-hanami (cherry blossom viewing) sites.
    *as a preventative measure against COVID-19

    Easily accessible from Ueno, Toneri Park is rich in nature and a great o-hanami (chery-blossom viewing) spot, with its 1,000 cherry trees known as “Senbon-zakura”.

    © Tokyo Metropolitan Park Association

    © Tokyo Metropolitan Park Association

    About Toneri Park

    Just 30 minutes away from Ueno by train, Toneri Park is known for the rich natural environment, with its forest and ponds. Stretching over an area of over 60 hectares, it a great place for “shinrin-yoku” (forest bathing) and bird watching.

    1,000 cherry trees blooming in the park

    Toneri Park has some 1,000 cherry trees, such as Somei-yoshino, Kanzan and Fugenzo species.

    Together, they are popularly called “Senbon-zakura” or literally a thousand cherry trees.

    They come in bloom successively from mid-March through mid-April, offering an ideal environment for viewing cherry blossoms leisurely and in a relaxed manner, away from congested spots like in central Tokyo.

    Cherry blossoms 2020 at Toneri Park

    © Tokyo Metropolitan Park Association

    Reagan cherry tree

    In the park, there is also a cherry tree called “Reagan-zakura”, known as a special envoy of US-Japan friendship.

    The now famous cherry trees at the Potomac River Tidal Basin in Washington, as you may know, had been originally donated by the mayor of Tokyo in 1912.

    In 1981, Mrs. Reagan presented to Japan, in turn, a cherry sapling propagated from one of these trees at the Tidal Basin, as a token of the American people’s appreciation for the first gift.

* The above is the information known at the time of publication and subject to change without prior notice.

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