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A State of Emergency has been declared for Tokyo, in effect from 12 July through 30 September 2021.

For events, shows and opening hours, please consult the official websites of the respective institutions.

*Kindly note that all information given in our articles is as of the date of publication.

Art & exhibits

Hokusai-zukushi: "A whole lot of Hokusai" exhibition
Hokusai exhibit 2021 at Tokyo Midtown | amuzen

"Who is Banksy?" exhibition Tokyo 2021
“Who is Banksy?” exhibit Tokyo 2021|amuzen

Sanrio's anniversary exhibit at Tokyo City View (Roppongi Hills)
Sanrio’s 60th anniversary exhibit at Tokyo City View

The "Collecting Van Gogh" exhibition
The Collecting Van Gogh exhibition|amuzen

POLA Museum of Art exhibit - La douce France
La Douce France: Pola Museum of Art exhibit |amuzen


Museums & attractions
Museums & attractions