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Tokyo guide: art, culture & things to do

Japan Fisherman's Festival at Yoyogi Park  - 22-25 November 
Japan Fisherman’s festival 2018

Autumn colours


Lighting of fall foliage at Rikugien Garden

Lighting of fall foliage 2018 at the Rikugi-en Garden

Photo courtesy: Tokyo Metropolitan Park Association


Autumn colours and events 2018 in Tokyo


Asakusa Tori-no-ichi (Rooster Days Fair)  (1, 13 and 25 November)

Rooster’s Day Fair (Torinoichi) 2018 at Asakusa



Christmas & lights


Roppongi Hills Christmas 2018
Roppongi Hills Christmas 2018

Blue Cave SHIBUYA 2018
Blue Cave SHIBUYA 2018

Tokyo Midtown - Christmas & Starlight Garden 2018
Midtown Christmas 2018

Guide to Christmas and winter lights in Tokyo 2018-2019

Art & exhibitions


Kaii Higashiyama Exhibition
Kaii Higashiyama exhibition 2018 (Tokyo)

Museums & attractions

“A Thousand Wonders of Japanese Technology” Exhibition
“A Thousand Wonders of Japanese Technology” exhibition

Ice skating


Sports & fitness
Sports & fitness