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Tokyo guide: art, culture & things to do

Omatcha Salon - Ikebukuro PARCO
Omatcha Salon Ikebukuro PARCO

Iriya Morning Glory Festival  (6-8 July)
Iriya morning glory festival (Asagao matsuri) 2019

Digital Art Garden at Tokyo Midtown (from 12 July)
Digital Art Garden 2019 at Tokyo Midtown (Roppongi)

Ueno Summer Festival  (from 13 July)
Ueno Summer Festival 2019

Art & exhibitions  

Gustav Klimt: Vienna - Japan 1900
The Klimt exhibition in Tokyo 2019

The Science Behind PIXAR
“The Science Behind PIXAR” exhibition Tokyo 2019

"Takahata Isao" exhibition 
Takahata Isao: A legend in Japanese Animation (The National Museum of Modern Art Tokyo)

Attack on Titan final exhibition 
Attack on Titan Final Exhibition 2019

GeGeGe 100 Stories of Yokai
GeGeGe 100 Stories of Yokai”at Sunshine City

Yoga event  

Jingu Stadium Night Yoga 2019

Summer in Tokyo  


Shinjuku Eisa Festival 2019

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