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Tokyo guide: art, culture & things to do

Hyakudan Hina-matsuri 2019
Hyakudan Hina-matsuri 2019 gajoen 百段雛まつり 2019

Bunkyo Plum Blossom Festival   - until 8 March

Bunkyo plum blossom festival (ume matsuri) 2019



Yebisu Intl Festival for Art & Alternative Visions 
Yebisu International Festival for Art & Visions 2019

Art & exhibitions 

"Hokusai Updated" exhibition
“Hokusai Updated” exhibition in Tokyo 2019

Museums & attractions

Sakura art at Hyakudan kaidan

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Museums & attractions

Gustav Klimt: Vienna - Japan 1900
The Klimt exhibition in Tokyo 2019

Spring events


Spring & cherry blossoms  - from 15 March at Roppongi
MIDTOWN BLOSSOM 2017 (amuzen article)

Free live shows at Tokyo Midtown Hibiya - from 22 March
Tokyo Midtown Hibiya 1st Anniversary

Cherry blossoms along the Meguro River
Cherry blossoms along the Meguro River 2017 (amuzen article)

Cherry blossoms at Shinjuku-gyoen Garden
Cherry blossoms 2019 at Sinjuku Gyoen

Ice rinks

Sports & fitness
Sports & fitness