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  • Cherry blossoms at Kasai Rinkai Park

    Late March – early April 2020


    On 27 March, Tokyo Metropolitan Government asked its residents (and visitors, by extension) not to go visit o-hanami (cherry blossom viewing) sites.
    *as a preventative measure against COVID-19

    Kasai Rinkai Park, a popular seaside destination, is also a nice cherry-blossom viewing spot in Tokyo.


    The Sea and the sky above the park

    Kasai Rinkai Park is a spacious park situated on the seaside of Tokyo (and in the neighbourhood of Tokyo Disneyland).

    The park is home to the Diamond and Flower Ferris Wheel, an aquarium (Tokyo Sea Life Park), a bird garden and a hotel run by Tokyo’s Edogawa City (Hotel Seaside Edogawa).

    Right off the shore is an artificial beach of Kasai Marine Park, nice for a walk.


    Cherry blossom viewing at Kasai Rinkai Park

    In Kasai Rinkai Park, there are some 760 cherry trees, such as the Somei-yoshino, Oshima-zakura and Sato-zakura species.

    Every spring, they will go into bloom one after another, making floral canopies in the park.

    Cherry-blossom viewing 2017 at Kasai Rinkai Park (amuzen article)

    © Tokyo Metropolitan Park Association

* The above is the information known at the time of publication and subject to change without prior notice.

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