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  • Lighting of the weeping cherry tree and the garden

    21 March – 3 April 2019
    Rikugi-en Garden

    A majestic weeping cherry, symbolic tree of Rikugi-en Garden, will be lit up again this spring to the pleasure of visitors.

    amuzen「しだれ桜と大名庭園のライトアップ 2018」
    © Tokyo Metropolitan Park Association

    Rikugi-en Garden

    Located in the quiet and upscale residential area of Komagome, Rikugi-en is a landscaped stroll garden created during the Edo era in the 17th century.

    Yoshiyasu Yanagisawa, an advisor of the fifth Tokugawa shogun Tsunayosi, designed it to express the universe of the Japanese poetry “waka”.

    Cherry blossoms at Rikugi-en Garden

    In this spacious garden of about 87,810 square meters, there is a large weeping cherry (“shidare-zakura”) of about 15 meters high and 20 meters in diameter.

    Elegant and majestic, it is a symbolic tree of the garden. During the day the weeping cherry tree shows its graceful figure to please many visitors in the sunshine. By night it is lit up in the blossom season, giving an awesome atmosphere, very different from the day.

    Apart from this wonderful tree, there are also some 40 cherry trees, monstly the somei-yoshino, which tint the garden in gentle pink.

    Lighting and extended hours

    During the lighting event, the garden will be specially open until 9 pm. The Somei Gate, located 2 min walk from JR Komagome Station, will also be opened.

    The weeping cherry tree and the garden will be lit up from sunset to 9 pm.

    amuzen「しだれ桜と大名庭園のライトアップ 2018」
    © Tokyo Metropolitan Park Association

    Spring matcha tea

    Drop by one of the two tea houses. You may love to have a bowl of matcha tea with a piece of Japanese cake (wagashi), while taking in the view of the garden (fees for food and drink extra).

* The above is the information known at the time of publication and subject to change without prior notice.

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