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Cherry blossoms 2019 at Koganei Park


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  • Cherry blossoms

    late March – late April 2019
    Koganei Park

    *Article updated on 15 March
    Koganei Park, located in the western suburbs of Tokyo, is counted among the best cherry-blossom viewing spots in Tokyo.

    Koganei Park

    Koganei Koen is a spacious park covering an area of about 80 hectares. The park is an excellent place for relaxation and leisure, with grassy grounds, wooded areas and playgrounds.

    The Edo-Tokyo Open-air Architectural Museum (popularly called in the shortened form “Tatemono-en”), a wonderful field museum gathering old buildings, is located inside the park (admission extra)

    Cherry blossom viewing at Koganei Park

    The park has some 1,700 cherry trees of such species as Yama-zakura, Sato-zakura and Somei Yoshino. 430 of them are nurtured in the “Sakura-no-sono”, a cherry-tree orchard of 2.9 hectares.

    They burst into pink-and-white blossoms for about one month from the end of March through the end of April.

    小金井公園の花見 2019
    Cherry-tree orchard (sakura-no-sono) © Tokyo Metropolitan Park Association

    Koganei Sakura Festival 2019

    The Koganei Cherry Blossom Festival will be held to celebrate the arrival of spring amid the stunningly beautiful explosion of Somei-yoshino blossoms, opposite Tatemono-en.

    【Dates】30-31 March 2019 
    【Hours】10 am – 8 pm
    【Programme】Traditional performing arts, ikebana, tea ceremony (inside Tatemono-en), food and festival stalls, etc.

    小金井公園の花見 2019
    Cherry trees opposite Tatemono-en © Tokyo Metropolitan Park Association

* The above is the information known at the time of publication and subject to change without prior notice.

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