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  • Papabubble’s “Chitose-ame” candy

    Available from 13 September 2017
    Papabubble specialty stores

    Shichi-go-san (literally “Seven-Five-Three”) is a rite of passage for girls of age 3 and 7, and for boys of age 5. Many families go to Shinto shrine with their children of these ages, around 15 November according to the ancient lunisolar calendar, to pray for their growth and health.

    This ceremony is often accompanied by a packet of “chitose-ame”, which literally means “candy for age thousand”. A long stick of candy, symbolizing longevity, is often a long-lasting “sweet” memory of childhood.

    「パパブブレの千歳飴」 七五三をさらに楽しく(amuzen article)

    For the occasion, Papabubble in Japan, a confectioner brand originally from Barcelona and known for its artisanal candies, brings to life this delicacy by adding an artistic touch to it.

    This creative, contemporary version of chitose-ame is “delicious to eat” and “pretty to carry” with traditional (or other) dresses. Each packet contains three candies of children’s favourite flavours: strawberry, Coke and lemon.

    Papabubble’s “Chitose-ame” candy (amuzen article)
    Papabubble’s “Chitose-ame” candy (amuzen article)

    The cute package design with unconventional motifs (a grandpa and a grandma with a cat and a dog) was realized by Mutsumi Kagoshima, a pottery artist based in Fukuoka, in southern Japan.

    Maybe a good time to celebrate “Shichi-go-san” with your kid, niece, nephew or grandchild in Japan?

    パパブブレの千歳飴 2017 (amuzen article)

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