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Jingu Stadium Night Yoga 2019


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    22 April – 14 September 2019
    Meiji Jingu Stadium

    *Post updated on 23 July

    Jingu Stadium Night Yoga” offers an extraordinary moment to share in ordinary days in a big city, via yoga practice on the ballpark’s spacious grassy ground.

    Jingu Stadium Night Yoga 2019

    Schedule of Jingu Stadium Night Yoga 2019

    *Cancellation in case of rain or stormy weather.


    22 Apr (Mon) Naoto Nakamura
    4 May (Sat) Rio Matsumoto
    12 May (Sun) ACO
    20 May (Mon) Shunsuke Sakami
    2 June (Sun) Reina Saito
    12 July (Fri) Juri Edwards
    18 July (Thur) Akira Watamoto
    24 July (Wed) TAMAO
    31 July (Wed) Nobue Suzuki
    22 Aug (Thur)* Yurika Umezawa
    14 Sept (Sat)* Ikki Bando

    * New!



    神宮スタジアム ナイトヨガ2019

    神宮スタジアム ナイトヨガ2019

    神宮スタジアム ナイトヨガ2019
    神宮スタジアム ナイトヨガ2019


    About Jingu Stadium Night Yoga

    It is a yoga event in an easy mode for all of those who are fit and want to be fit. Under the night sky of Tokyo, well-known yoga teachers will give a variety of yoga sessions for everyone to enjoy.

    Started in 2016, Jingu Night Yoga has grown into one of the largest yoga events in the country. Last year a total of more than 13,000 people have participated in the sessions.

    Jingu Yoga has been organized by the “Active Icon”, an entity that provides free activities for a healthy life that fits the modern lifestyles.

    神宮スタジアム ナイトヨガ2019
    神宮スタジアム ナイトヨガ2019
    Ⓒ Yasuyuki Kobayashi

* The above is the information known at the time of publication and subject to change without prior notice.

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