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  • Autumn Rose Festival (Bara Festa)

    7-31 October 2017
    Jindai Botanical Garden

    Jindai Botanical Garden, located near Jindai-ji Temple in western Tokyo, is the largest botanical garden in the capital, with some 100 thousand plants of 4,800 species grown on a site of about 480,000 square meters. A variety of flowers blossom throughout the year.

    This garden is particularly known for its award winning Rose Garden. The biannual Rose Festival held there in spring and autumn attracts many visitors and enthusiasts. In autumn, some 5,000 roses of 300 species go into bloom, filling the air with sweet fragrance.

    During this popular festival, a series of events will be held, such as concerts, workshops and guided tours. On weekends and holidays, the Rose Garden will be opened earlier than usual, in the morning when the scent of roses is most intense.

    Take time to smell the roses!

    神代植物公園 秋のバラフェスタ2017 (amuzen article)
    Photo courtesy (all in this article): Tokyo Metropolitan Park Association

    Our picks

    ◆ Morning opening of the Rose Garden

    【Date and time】 On weekends and national holidays, from 8 am
    *Closing at 5 pm (last admission 4 pm)

    神代植物公園 秋のバラフェスタ2017 (amuzen article)

    ◆ Special concerts

    【Date and time】 Twice daily on 15 (Sun), 22 (Sun), 29 (Sun) October, at 11 am and 2 pm (about 30 minutes each; cancellation in case of rain)
    【Place】 Rose Garden Terrace

    ◆ Rose marché

    【Date and time】 7 October – 5 November, 10 am – 4 pm (cancellation in case of rain).
    【Place】 Rose Garden

    神代植物公園 秋のバラフェスタ2017 (amuzen article)

* The above is the information known at the time of publication and subject to change without prior notice.

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