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Yuko Higuchi exhibition


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  • Higuchi Yuko

    3 February – 10 April 2023
    Mori Arts Center Gallery


    Mori Arts Center Gallery will soon host a special show featuring Yuko Higuchi, an artist, illustrator and picture book author.


    Highlights of the show Yuko Higuchi: CIRCUS FINAL END

    Cats with octopus tentacles. Mushrooms with animal legs. A fantastic world peopled with earthly and otherworldly creatures…

    For 20 years, Yuko Higuchi’s work has engrossed the audience, adults and children alike.

    Her oeuvre drift between fantasy and reality, outlandish and adorable, humorous and serious. But what Higuchi’s illustrations have in common is tenderness and compassion.

    This special show highlights the captivating world of Yuko Higuchi, dubbed as her “circus”, bringing together about 1,000 pieces of work from her debut to today.

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