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  • Toranomon Hills Business Tower &
    Toranomon Yokocho



    The Toranomon Hills Business Tower, a brand-new skyscraper, was inaugurated on 11 June 2020. It is the second major edifice constructed as part of the development project of Toranomon Hills, located in central Tokyo.


    Toranomon Hills better facilitated

    Up until now, Toranomon Hills was just a business district, with the first landmark Toranomon Hills Mori Tower housing mostly offices and on the top floors, Andaz Tokyo.

    The newly opened Toranomon Hills Business Tower has a total of 59 restaurants and stores on the lower floors, offering thus a variety of dining and drinking experiences.

    Also from now on, Toranomon Hills is more easily accessible by public transport. It is directly connected to the brand-new “Toranomon Hills Station”, opened on 6 June 2020 on the Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line.

    Moreover, the bus terminal on the first floor is served by, among others, the Airport Limousine Bus and the Bus Rapid Transit or BRT to connect with the Olympic Village area.

    虎ノ門ヒルズ ビジネスタワーと虎ノ門横丁

    Toranomon, the mascot of Toranomon Hills


    Toranomon Yokocho alley

    On the third floor of the Business Tower is “Toranomon Yokocho” or alley (yokocho), consisting of a total of 26 eating and drinking dens run by Tokyo’s renowned and popular restaurants.

    The cherry on the cake, you can sample dishes à la carte here, instead of multiple course meals served at their main stores.

    虎ノ門ヒルズ ビジネスタワーと虎ノ門横丁

    虎ノ門ヒルズ ビジネスタワーと虎ノ門横丁

    Torishige Bunten

    虎ノ門ヒルズ ビジネスタワーと虎ノ門横丁

    Toranomon Sakaba Kiraku-tei+

    虎ノ門ヒルズ ビジネスタワーと虎ノ門横丁

    “Tsukiji Kin Dako” is “Tsukiji Gin Dako”’s new concept restaurant to offer takoyaki nouvelle cuisine. In Japanese, “kin” means gold, while “gin” means silver.

    App-aided social distancing at Toranomon Yokocho

    The restaurants and bars at Toranomon Yokocho control the influx of visitors by using “Line”, a major messaging app used in Japan.

    Through a Line app, the diners may obtain numbered tickets to be seated, order take-outs or know to what extent the places is crowded.


    虎ノ門ヒルズ ビジネスタワーと虎ノ門横丁

    Remember to wear a facial mask when visiting Toranomon Hills.

* The above is the information known at the time of publication and subject to change without prior notice.

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