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Nanaya’s matcha gelato in Omotesando


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  • Nanaya Aoyama


    extra-rich matcha flavoured gelato

    The extra-rich matcha flavoured gelato from Nanaya, a Shizuoka-based confectioner, is now available in Shibuya, Tokyo.

    Already popular in their home region, it became a fad in Asakusa since January 2016. Matcha lovers and curious travellers from Japan and abroad, have been swarming to Suzuki-en (the Japanese tea shop partnered with Nanaya) to taste the special Japanese refreshment.

    As queues getting too long to cope with, Nanaya decided to open its first boutique in Tokyo on 19 August 2016 to directly sell their cold specialties. The specialty shop is located in a fashionable area of Omotesando, close to the United Nations University.

    Savour, among others, “Matcha Gelato Premium No.7”, a pure taste sensation which they boast as the world’s deepest matcha flavoured gelato. Their “Matcha daifuku” (sweetened mochi stuffed with matcha whipped-cream) is also a must-try.

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