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Tokyo Midtown’s ice skating rink 2020


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  • Midtown Ice Rink in Roppongi

    7 January – 1 March 2020
    Tokyo Midtown (Roppongi)

    The “Midtown Ice Rink in Roppongi” will be back for the 11th time this winter to bring the joy of outdoor ice skating to many.

    東京ミッドタウン アイススケートリンク 2020

    What to not to miss of Tokyo Midtown’s ice rink 2020

    Midtown’s rink is spacious for an outdoor ice rink in Tokyo, measuring about 20 meters wide and 42 meters long. Last year the popular rink drew some 28,000 visitors.

    For the 2020 season, the rink will be equipped with a heated rest area for visitors to take a break with their skates on.

    Also, skating lessons will be provided at affordable prices (in Japanese; 500 yen, admission extra).

    東京ミッドタウン アイススケートリンク 2020

    Pleasantly airy place for skating in central Tokyo

    It is fantastic to glide and swirl under the sky at this rink surrounded by trees, forgetting the fact that you are actually in Tokyo. In the evening the place will be lit up nicely.

    After skating to your heart’s content, the location is also perfect for dinner, coffee, shopping and art.

    東京ミッドタウン アイススケートリンク 2020

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