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Tokyo International Quilt Festival 2020


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  • The 19th Tokyo International Great Quilt Festival

    23 – 29 January 2020
    Tokyo Dome

    The Tokyo International Great Quilt Festival, one of the world’s largest quilt shows, will bring together for the 19th time this season, quilters and quilt lovers from Japan and around the world.

    The 2020 festival will host a number of special exhibits to highlight the art of quilting. They include an exhibition of works created in the theme of “the Music of Quilting” and a presentation of historical gems and contemporary quilts from the U.K.

    And of course, the festival will present the works of winners of the Japan Quilt Grand Prix, which is the largest quilt competition held in the country.

    Altogether, a total of 1,800 amazing stich works will be on display at Tokyo Dome, a major ball park in the Japanese capital.


    Highlights of Tokyo International Quilt Festival 2020

    *Programme titles below are given for the convenience of readers only; not official translations
    **We put given names first followed by their family names in this article

    ◆ The Music of Quilting

    This special exhibition features a series of works created by eight leading Japanese quilters including Reiko Washizawa, Kathy Nakajima, Yoko Ueda, Suzuko Koseki and Yoshiko Katagiri.

    What emotions and memories will the harmonies and rhythms of their quilts evoke?


    A work by Yoshiko Katgiri based on a Japanese nursery rhyme

    ◆ British Quilt: from antiques to contemporary quilts

    This special display introduces wonderful patchwork quilts and quilted works on loan from the U.K.: a selection of heritage quilts since the early 19th century from The Quilters’ Guild Museum Collection; and most vibrant artistic works by contemporary quilters from the country.


    “Interruption” Louise Baldwin
    Art Textiles: Made in Britain


    “Mustard Hill” Jessica Grady
    Art Textiles: Made in Britain


    ©The Quilters’ Guild Museum Collection

    ◆Other special exhibits

    There are other special exhibits, such as:

    • Keiko Goke’s work using lively colours and playful patterns
    • The world of Curious George
    • Patchwork quilts by the worldly renowned Shizuko Kuroha
    • Latest works by 60 Japanese quilters



    “Kaze-no-kioku” (Memory of the wind) by Shizuko Kuroha

    ◆ Stage shows

    On 24 Jan (Fri) and 25 Jan (Sat), live shows will be staged by Yukie Nishimura (Piano & Talk Show) and Kathy Nakajima (Hawaiian & Tahitian Dance Show), among others.

    ◆ Partnership Quilt “My favourite animals”

    For the charity event, a series of works quilted on this year’s theme “my favourite animals” will be on display for sale.

    ◆ Japan Quilt Grand Prix

    Every year the Quilt Grand Prix takes place with the participation of Japanese and international quilters – professionals and amateurs alike. The 2020 winners will be announced at the festival.

    A total of some 300 pieces will be exhibited according to the seven categories of the competition.

    ◆ Japan’s largest quilt market

    Stock up on your quilting tools, fabrics and items here at the largest quilt market in Japan, which gathers some 200 specialty shops.


* The above is the information known at the time of publication and subject to change without prior notice.

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