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Tokyo Dome City Winter Illumination


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  • Tokyo Dome City Winter Illumination

    5 November 2021-28 February 2022
    Tokyo Dome City



    Tokyo Dome City, a popular attraction complex in central Tokyo, will host its annual “winter illumination” for the 17th time this season.

    Admission free.

    Tokyo Dome City Winter Illumination 2021-2022

    * All photos are conceptual images.


    Highlights of the Winter Illumination 2021-2022

    ◆ Photo-frame installations

    Have a pleasant stroll in the night park through displays of winter lights.

    A new feature this winter to add some fun, the luminous displays will be showcased with photo frame installations.

    Pose for selfies and make your best shots.

    東京ドームシティ 冬イルミ2021


    ◆ Milky Way

    In the LaQua area, walk through the corridor of light measuring about 140 meters long.

    東京ドームシティ 冬イルミ2021


    ◆ Champagne-gold Illumination

    The trees and plants in the complex will be lit up in the golden shades of bubbly

    東京ドームシティ 冬イルミ2021

* The above is the information known at the time of publication and subject to change without prior notice.

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