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The cat in art exhibition 2018 at Hotel Gajoen Tokyo


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  • The cat in art exhibition
    (Nyanto no kokuho-ten)

    29 March – 13 May 2018
    Hotel Gajoen Tokyo

    The cat is said to have been brought to Japan during the Nara period in the eighth century. Since then, the cat has been loved by people and also has been a source of inspiration for many artists.

    The cat in art: Nyanto-no-kokuho-ten

    This art exhibition  will take place in a unique cultural heritage setting at the Hyakudan Kaidan (“the Stairway of One-Hundred Steps”) located inside Hotel Gajoen Tokyo.

    Some 800 works in various art forms depicting the cat by forty artists will be on display in the gorgeously and tastefully decorated tatami rooms.

    《薬師猫神様》 もりわじん /Wajin Mori
    《猫がいる涅槃図》 出町千鶴子 /Chizuko Demachi
    《雷神痩身美容図》 目羅健嗣 /Kenji Mera
    《北斎尾州不二見原》 ますむらひろし /Hiroshi Masumura
    横尾忠則 作品 /Tadanori Yokoo
    子福猫 伏見人形 (Fushimi Ningho)
    小澤康麿 作品 /Yasumaro Ozawa
    《猫を抱く大仏》 水谷 満 /Mitsuru Mizutani

    Artworks and goods with cat motifs

    There will be a market of a variety of artworks and articles with cat motifs, from stationary to souvenirs.

    有田ひろみ・ちゃぼ 作品 /Hiromi Arita – Chabo
    松下カツミ 作品 /Katsumi Matsushita

    Photos also allowed

    During the exhibition, it is specially allowed to take photos of the the beautiful Japanese rooms of the Hyakudan Kaidan (except for commercial shooting and photography with flash and/or tripod).

* The above is the information known at the time of publication and subject to change without prior notice.

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