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Sebastian Masuda exhibition “Point-Rhythm World”


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  • Point-Rhythm World: Monet’s microcosm

    21 July – 3 September 2017
    Pola Museum Annex

    Claude Monet’s Waterlily Pond has a particular resonance for many Japanese. They feel something familiar with the painting depicting the pond and the Japanese bridge in Monet’s Giverny garden. Also so with the sense of space created by the surrounding wall paintings of the Orangerie Museum in Paris, for instance.

    But what if the famed impressionist’s work is adapted into contemporary art with colourful dots, as never seen before? In this exhibition, Sebastian Masuda, a visual artist and a major proponent of kawaii (cute) culture, reconstructs the world of Monet’s Waterlily Pond as his first solo installation to be held in Japan.


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