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La Folle Journée Tokyo 2018


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  • La Folle Journée Tokyo 2018

    3 – 5 May 2018
    Marunouchi and Ikebukuro

    La Folle Journée, a “crazy day” of classical music

    La Folle Journée is a classical music festival born in 1995 in Nantes, a city in Western France. The festival takes place with a unique concept, with each concert lasting for less than an hour, allowing many visitors to get immersed in classical music all day.

    The success and popularity in France brought the Folle Journée to various countries in Europe and America. In Japan, it has been held at Tokyo International Forum and elsewhere since 2005. LFJ has grown into one of the most popular classical music festivals in the country, drawing a total of some 7.7 million people over the years.

    The title comes from the “folle journée” or the Crazy Day of Beaumarchais’s play, the original of Mozart’s opera the “Marriage of Figaro”. René Martin, the festival’s Artistic Director, got inspiration from this famous work that had challenged the social values existing prior to the French Revolution and contributed to making art accessible to a larger audience.



    La Folle Journée TOKYO 2018

    In 2018, the Folle Journée will be held for the fourteenth time in Tokyo during the Golden Week holidays in early May, a pleasant season in Japan. The festival will host more than 400 paid and free concerts at various venues around Marunouchi on the western side of JR Tokyo Station, and for the first time this year, around Ikebukuto.

    A variety of fine quality concerts, from classical and opera to world music, will be brought to concert halls in an accessible format of 45 minutes at affordable prices.

    Outside, there will be a number of free concerts in town. One more plus, a ticket of a paid concert, used or unused, will allow you to participate in a series of concerts, workshops, lectures and master classes for free.

    The 2018 theme is “Un Monde Nouveau”

    The theme of LFJ 2018 is “Un Monde Nouveau” or a New World. In Tokyo, the festival this year is organized under the direction of Kashiwa Sato, a creative director.

    LFJ will honour various masterpieces born out of the minds and spirits of composers open to a new world and new cultures. A variety of genres will be covered with the sound of orchestra, voice and even taiko drums!

* The above is the information known at the time of publication and subject to change without prior notice.

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