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“Japan in Architecture” exhibition at Mori Art Museum


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  • Japan in Architecture: Genealogies of Its Transformation

    25 April – 17 September 2018
    Mori Art Museum

    Held in celebration of the 15th anniversary of Roppongi Hills and Mori Art Museum, this exhibition will shed light on the lineage of Japanese architecture since ancient times to today, through selected exhibits including architectural models, archival materials and interactive displays.

    安藤忠雄 《水の教会(星野リゾート トマム)》 1988年 北海道 画像提供:星野リゾート トマム
    Ando Tadao Chapel on the Water (Hoshino Resort Tomamu)
    1988 Hokkaido, Japan
    Photo courtesy: Hoshino Resort Tomamu

    From the Japanese tea house to modern edifices designed by the star architects, idiosyncratic architectural expressions have been molded out of tradition, syncretism and innovation that are set in both the natural environment and historical context of the country.

    The exhibition, structured around nine themes, will delve into key aspects of Japanese architecture, such as aesthetics, nature, space, syncretism, the form, wood, craft, the roof and also, the “discovery” of Japan.

    隈研吾建築都市設計事務所 《梼原・木橋ミュージアム》 2010年 高知 撮影:太田拓実
    Kengo Kuma & Associates Yusuhara Wooden Bridge Museum
    2010 Kochi Prefecture, Japan
    Photo: Ota Takumi

    What not-to-miss of “Japan in Architecture” exhibition

    ◆Full-Scale Replica of Sen no Rikyu’s “Tai-an”

    The Tai-an is the oldest chashitu or Japanese tea house that has survived until today and designated as a National Treasure. This tea house located at Myoki-an Temple in Kyoto is attributed to the grand tea master Sen no Rikyu (1522-1591), who perfected “wabi-cha” or the Japanese art of tea. The Tai-an is a spatial expression of “wabi”, the aesthetics that bores the austere mark of zen in the pursuit of simplicity and quietude, eliminating superfluous elements and conventions.

    伝千利休 《国宝・待庵》 安土桃山時代(16世紀)/2018年(原寸再現) 制作:ものつくり大学 ※参考図版
    Sen no Rikyu, attributed to
    Tai-an Tea House (National Treasure)
    Azuchi-Momoyama period (16th century) / 2018 (Replicated real-size)
    Replica production: Institute of Technologists
    * Referential image

    1/3-scale model of Kenzo Tange residence

    Kenzo Tange (1913-2005) was a prominent architect who directed major national projects in postwar Japan, including Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park (1954), Tokyo Olympic Games (1964) and the Osaka World Expo (1970), to name just a few. For Tange, “the beautiful things alone are functional”. He reinterpreted ancient Japanese architecture to open a new horizon while designing his residence, which no longer exists today.

    New video installations by Rhizomatiks Architecture

    Ryzomatics Architecture, a group of creators led by Seiichi Saito, presents interactive video installations with regard to some of the best known examples of old and contemporary Japanese architecture, including the Nakagin Capsule Tower by Kisho Kurokawa (1934 – 2007).

    ライゾマティクス・アーキテクチャー 《Power of Scale》 2018年 インスタレーション ※参考図版
    Rhizomatiks Architecture Power of Scale
    2018 Installation
    *Referential image

    ◆Special exhibits to attest to Japan’s architectural history

    An Edo-period (17th – 19th centuries) secret manuscript passed down to master carpenters, a chaise long made with straws designed in 1940 by Charlotte Perriand (1903 -1999, French architect and designer) to improve the life of farmers in the northern region of Japan and other special materials will highlight moments of Japanese architectural history.

    フランク・ロイド・ライト 《帝国ホテル(正面中央部入口)》 1923年 東京 写真提供:帝国ホテル
    Frank Lloyd Wright Main Entrance, Imperial Hotel
    1923 Tokyo
    Photo courtesy: Imperial Hotel, Ltd.

    小林清親 《海運橋 第一銀行雪中》 平成の新版 大判錦絵 所蔵:清水建設
    Kobayashi Kiyochika Snow at Kaiunbashi Bridge and First National Bank
    Heisei edition Large Nishiki-e (wood engraving print)
    Collection: Shimizu Corporation, Tokyo

    ◆Book lounge appointed with modernist furniture

    At the lounge you may actually take a seat on a piece of modernist furniture, while leisurely browsing reference books.

* The above is the information known at the time of publication and subject to change without prior notice.

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