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JGP Intl Orchid & Flower Show 2023


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  • Japan Grand Prix International Orchid and Flower Show 2023

    8 – 14 February 2023
    Tokyo Dome City (Prism Hall)

    The 2023 edition of the Orchid and Flower Show will feature a total of 1 million orchids at the Tokyo Dome City’s Prism Hall.

    世界らん展2023 東京ドームシティ|あみゅーぜん


    Highlights of the Orchid and Flower Show 2023

    ◆Orchid Gate 2023

    A colourful installation made of about 100,000 orchids in full bloom welcome visitors into the fantastic world of orchidelirium.

    世界らん展2023 東京ドームシティ|あみゅーぜん‐


    ◆Orchids of Japan Grand Prix laureates

    A section is dedicated to the gems of orchids presented by some of the best growers in Japan.

    世界らん展2023 東京ドームシティ|あみゅーぜん‐


    ◆Japan Grand Prix 2023

    Discover the winners and their flowers of this year’s Japan Grand Prix, one of the world’s largest orchid competitions for the orchid growers.

    世界らん展2023 東京ドームシティ|あみゅーぜん‐


    ◆Botanical Market

    Stock up colourful flowers, plants and accessories.

    世界らん展2023 東京ドームシティ|あみゅーぜん‐

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