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  • Blue Cave SHIBUYA
    (shibuya ao-no-dokutsu)

    29 November – 31 December 2019

    The Blue Cave illumination will be back to Tokyo for the winter season 2019. A mesmerizing spectacle of sparkling blue lights will take place again in a trendy area of Shibuya.

    What is the Blue Cave?

    The “Blue Cave” is a winter lights festival, which was held for the first time in 2014, along the Meguro River. The famed cherry trees on the river bank were lit up in blue, as though like a tunnel of illumination. The event became instantly and explosively popular.

    In 2016 the venue was moved to Shibuya, attracting crowds of people since then. The Blue Cave event was also held at Sapporo, Osaka and Kyushu.

    Blue Cave SHIBUYA 2019

    The trees along streets near Shibuya Station and Yoyogi Park will be lit up to unfold a spectacular landscape of sparkling blue lights created by LEDs.

    For the second time this year, the winter spectacle will use computerized displays of synchronized lighting and sound to enchanting effect.


    How to get to the Blue Cave SHIBUYA

    To reach the Blue Cave, you may walk either from:
    – Shibuya Station, up along the gentle sloping Shibuya Koen-dori; or
    – the other way round, from Yoyogi Park and Harajuku where many pop-up stalls will be open during the event.

    Blue Cave SHIBUYA 2019 (Shibuya ao-no-dokustu)

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