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“Barcelona” exhibition at Tokyo Station Gallery


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  • Barcelona
    The City of Artistic Miracles

    The essence of Catalan modern art from the modernisme to avant-garde

    8 February – 5 April 2020
    Tokyo Station Gallery


    Closed through 16 March (Mon)
    → Closed until 31 March (Tue)

    Barcelona, Catalonia’s capital, Spain, has been a major center of art and architecture, producing many artists well known in Japan and the world. There have been exhibitions highlighting masters such as Joan Miró and Salvador Dalí, but few focused on Catalan art as a whole.

    The Japanese exhibition “Barcelona: The City of Artistic Miracles” is a major show featuring Barcelona and modern Catalan art, covering the period of 80 years from the 1850s through the late 1930s.

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