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Yona Yona beer garden 2018 at ARK Hills


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    8 June – 2 September 2018
    ARK Hills

    A popular craft-beer event is coming back to ARK Hills, Akasaka. Six signature beers from Yo-Ho Brewing plus a special brew will be served on draft at its pleasant courtyard.

    The event can be a nice alternative to pubs and izakaya, to relax after work, chat with friends and discover different types of Japanese beer other than the regular ones and the “dry” ones.

    YONA YONA BEER GARDEN in ARK Hills (amuzen article)

    Yo-Ho’s signature beers plus a special brew

    Yo-Ho is the largest craft beer brewery in Japan, making American style pale ales and IPAs. Here you can taste on draft its famed “Yona Yona Ale” and “Suiyobi-no-Neko” (“Wednesday Cat”, if translated), which is a Belgian white, among others.

    To this line-up will be added “ARK Hills Ale 2018”, specially brewed for the event and available only during this period. It is an IPA brewed with wheat and oats, with a keen bitterness featuring fruity hop aroma like flavors of tropical fruit and pineapple (4.5 per cent alcohol).

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    “Glamping” is the 2018 theme

    The beer garden will be decorated in the image of a camping site, to serve tasty, charcoal grilled BBQ cuisine to accompany craft brews.

    A few workshops in the theme of glamping will be also held, such as making bracelets and sandals, great for camping.

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    Menu examples

* The above is the information known at the time of publication and subject to change without prior notice.

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