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  • Viet Nam Festival 2020

    16-17 May 2020
    Yoyogi Park


    *Update on 27 March: To be postponed due to the global outbreak of COVID-19.

    Missing a good steaming bowl of pho decked with herbs? Crispy Vietnamese spring rolls with sweet and sour sauce? Or colourful áo dài dresses?

    Here comes a festival to celebrate the Vietnamese culture in the middle of Tokyo at Yoyogi Park, with lively stage performances, delicious food stalls and more.

    ベトナムフェスティバル 2020
    ベトナムフェスティバル 2020


    Viet Nam Festival 2020 Highlights

    ◆ Vietnamese food

    The food stalls will feature such classics as “pho” (soup with rice-noodles), “banh mi” (the Vietnamese sandwich) and “banh xeo” (Vietnamese okonomiyaki or crepe made with shrimp, pork and vegetables). Vietnamese beer and coffee will also be available.

    ベトナムフェスティバル 2020


    ◆ Colourful stage show with Vietnamese artists

    For the 12nd edition in 2020, traditional performing arts, music and fashion show will be staged by artists and troupes of from Vietnam.

    ベトナムフェスティバル 2020

* The above is the information known at the time of publication and subject to change without prior notice.

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