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Frozen VenusFort at Odaiba


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    From 3 November 2016 through late March 2017
    Odaiba VenusFort


    VenusFort is a shopping mall in Palette Town, a major attraction complex located in Odaiba. The mall is designed to resemble a city of medieval Europe in the 17th and 18th centuries and has a large vaulted ceiling. Specializing in fashion, household items and accessories, VenusFort also houses, on one of its floors, a fashion outlet mall (the only one situated in urban Tokyo).

    This winter, until the end of March, VenusFort gets transformed into the world of fantasy under the title “FROZEN VENUSFORT”, produced in cooperation with the creative company NAKED Inc. A mysterious icy town emerges through images, music and lightings, realized by projection mapping technology, to merge perfectly into VenusFort’s European cityscape. So ready to sing “Let It Go” (though there is nothing to do with Disney)?

    ◆ BIG BOOK: Entrance to the world of fantasy
    Location: Entrance to North and South Avenues
    An installation created with large books is placed at the entrance. A story unfolds from one of these storybooks, spreading towards the ceiling.

    Frozen VenusFort – free attraction in Odaiba (amuzen article)

    ◆ A Town Where Small Miracles Occur
    Location: North / South Avenue
    Have a look and participate in story scenes. Get enchanted by the magic devised under one of the street lights, on the wall and windows. They are quite photogenic!

    Frozen VenusFort – free attraction in Odaiba (amuzen article)

    ◆ Fountain Plaza Show – Melting Story –
    Location: Fountain Plaza
    A fantasy is projected onto a huge storybook suspended from the ceiling by projection mapping. A special show depicting a dance ball will be presented on weekends and holidays until 25 December.

    Frozen VenusFort – free attraction in Odaiba (amuzen article)

    Location: Broad Avenue
    Wander into the town, beautifully and wonderfully frozen, with stained glass motifs cast on the ceiling by projection mapping.

    Frozen VenusFort – free attraction in Odaiba (amuzen article)

    ◆ Filament Illumination
    Place: Olive Plaza
    The place is lit with filament-bulbs in a nostalgic atmosphere of the frozen town’s market.

    Frozen VenusFort – free attraction in Odaiba (amuzen article)

* The above is the information known at the time of publication and subject to change without prior notice.

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