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  • Rooster’s Day Fair at Asakusa
    (Asakusa Tori-no-ichi)

    1, 13 and 25 November 2018
    Otori-jinja Shrine, Chokoku-ji Temple


    “Rake in” money and luck on the Rooster’s Days

    The Rooster’s Day Fair at Asakusa is an annual event held since the early Edo period in the 17th century.

    It is a festival to pray for good luck, prosperity and good business on the days of the Rooster in November.

    (Did you know that it is not only years but also days that have twelve zodiac animals in the old calendar used in China, Japan and elsewhere in East Asia?)

    Rooster’s Day Fair (Torinoichi) 2018 at Asakusa
    © TCVB

    Asakusa Tori-no-ichi

    This festival takes place across the country, at such shrines and temples with the Rooster in their names (Otori jinja), and also those enshrining Yamato Takeru, a Japanese mythic hero, as (one of) the main deity (deities). On the festival days, special prayers are offered at the sanctuary, and a fair is held in the precincts.

    The most famous one is at Asakusa, celebrated in both in the Shinto and Buddhist styles at Otori Shrine and Chokoku-ji Temple. They are a stone’s throw from each other.

    Torinoichi - La foire des « jours du coq » à Asakusa
    © TCVB


    Rooster’s Day Fair (“Torinoichi”) 2018

    This year, the day of the Rooster will come three times in November, each called the First Rooster (ichi-no-tori), the Second Rooster (ni-no-tori) and the Third Rooster (san-no-tori).

    On these days, decorative rakes (kumade) will be sold in and around the temple and shrine precincts. These rakes, decorated with ornaments in gold, silver and other vivid colours, are charms to bring good luck and a fortune, particularly for business.

    Many business owners flock to numerous stalls of decorative rakes to buy one to pray that business will prosper in the year to come.

    It is worth visiting to feel the very lively atmosphere alone. And why not make a wish this November for successful business in the year 2019?

    Torinoichi - La foire des « jours du coq » à Asakusa
    Torinoichi - La foire des « jours du coq » à Asakusa
    © TCVB

* The above is the information known at the time of publication and subject to change without prior notice.

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