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  • Noh Theatre: Beyond Words, Beyond Borders

    Kita Noh Theatre
    21 November 2015

    This programme is specially organized to present the age-old high art, Noh theatre, in an accessible form to the wider audience and to transcend language barriers. Noh artists of the Kita School (Shigeru Nagashima, Ryoichi Kano and Teruhisa Oshima among others) perform with artists of other schools who have already the experiences of performing bilingual Noh and Kyogen (Noboru Yasuda, Doji Shigeyama and the Ohio-born Richard Emmert who has studied Noh for more than 40 years in Japan).

    Featured on the programme are the bilingual Noh “Kurozuka” and Kyogen (a comical play performed between the Noh acts), as well as three language versions of Shimai (dance to the singing without music instruments and without Noh costumes or masks), in Japanese, English and bilingual. For “Kurozuka”, keep up with the drama thanks to the real-time explanations to be provided by live tweets (follow @noh_borders): check how the shades of emotions (grudge, sorrow…) of the protagonist, a female demon, will be revealed in interaction with the travelling monks whom she happened to accommodate in her hut in Adachigahara. As a bonus to the international spectators, Noh masks, costumes and music instruments will be displayed to try on and play with before the theatre performance. All seats are reserved.

  • Place name Kita Noh Theatre
    (in Japanese) 喜多能楽堂(十四世喜多六平太記念能楽堂)
    Dates 21 November 2015
    Opening hours 2 – 4 pm
    (“Experience Corner”opens at 12pm)
    Price ¥3500 (students: ¥1500)
    *all seats are reserved
    Address 4-6-9 Kamiosaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
    Getting there
    • 7 min walk from Meguro Station (JR, Tokyu Meguro Line, Toei Mita Line,Tokyo Métro Namboku Line)

* The above is the information known at the time of publication and subject to change without prior notice.


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