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  • Hibiya Festival

    26 April – 20 May 2018
    Tokyo Midtown Hibiya


    Hibiya to claim its status as a theater town

    Long gone are the days when Hibiya was a symbol of modern Japan. It used be a meeting point of cultures and people, high place of Westernization, evidenced by such institutions as the Rokumeikan Hall, the Tokyo Club and the Imperial Hotel that were built right after the Meiji restoration in 1868.

    Today Hibiya is a business district in central Tokyo, bordering the Imperial Palace on the southern side. It will soon be given new impetus to (re)claim its status as a cultural town, and more specifically, a town of theater.

    Indeed, in early summer this year, a brand-new theater festival will take place at Hibiya, where there already is a certain concentration of theaters. The festival’s main venue will be “Tokyo Midtown Hibiya”, a high-end commercial complex to be opened on 29 March 2018 and the second outlet of Tokyo Midtown near Roppongi. The new landmark is located opposite Hibiya Park, near the Imperial Hotel, and next door to the Nissei Theater and the Takarazuka Theater.

    amuzen « Hibiya Festival 2018 »
    Tokyo Midtown Hibiya, a view from Hibiya Park

    Hibiya Festival

    In celebration of theater, the festival will host a variety of plays and performances, mainly at Tokyo Midtown Hibiya, and also across the town in such places as the Imperial Hotel and Hibiya Park.

    A number of shows will be free of charge, bringing the joy of theater to a wider audience.

    amuzen 日比谷で観劇フェス! “Hibiya Festival”
    Hibiya Step Hiroba (Tokyo Midtown Hibiya)

    ◆ Opening: A one-night special show produced by Amon Miyamoto

    The festival will be opened by a production by Amon Miyamoto, an internationally acclaimed theater director. Approximately 50 performers will stage a 30-minutes show, dancing and singing, to tell a story of a girl who longs for a life in high society and glamourous balls at the Rokumeikan Hall. The festival’s symbol “Flora” by Kenji Yanobe will be awaken to join the performers.

    【time】 26 April (Thur) at 7 pm
    【place】 Hibiya Step Hiroba
    【performers】featuring Kenya Osumi, Akinori Nakagawa and SAMURIZE from EXILE TRIBE

    amuzen 日比谷で観劇フェス! “Hibiya Festival”

    ◆ Festival Symbol “Flora”

    Flora”, a four-meter figure of a baby-faced girl, is a creation by the artist Kenji Yanobe. Under the direction of Amon Miyamoto, a special version of the giant girl, clad in a robe created by Sebastian Masuda, will be brought to life as a young heroin who dreams of the Rokumeikan Hall. Flora will incarnate as a symbol of Hibiya, cultural enlightenment and a new hope.

    【dates】 26 April – 20 May 2018
    【special effects】6 – 10 pm at every hour (from 27 April)
    【place】 Hibiya Step Hiroba

    amuzen 日比谷で観劇フェス! “Hibiya Festival”

    ◆ Hibiya Step Shows

    Free performances and shows of various genres, from theater, dance and musical to opera. The performing artists include the worldly known mime duo “Gamarjobat” and a group of dance entertainment “Umebo”.

    【dates】 26 April – 6 May
    【place】 Hibiya Step Hiroba

    amuzen 日比谷で観劇フェス! “Hibiya Festival”

    amuzen 日比谷で観劇フェス! “Hibiya Festival”
    Mozart series “Opera”, commemorating the 55th anniversary of Nissay Theatre
    Photo courtesy: Nissay Culture Foundation (Nissay Theatre)
    Photo by Chikashi Saegusa

    ◆ The Stage

    Paid performances, shows and installations by leading artists, featuring Gamarjobat, DAZZLE, ruirui, Orientalism and REVO side B.

    【dates】 27 April – 6 May
    【place】 6F Q HALL (inside “BASE Q”)
    【advance tickets】 available at Lawson Ticket

    amuzen 日比谷で観劇フェス! “Hibiya Festival”

* The above is the information known at the time of publication and subject to change without prior notice.

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