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  • Taste of Tokyo 2019
    (Tokyo Ajiwai Festa)

    11 –13 October 2019
    *Hibiya: 12 -13 October
    Marunouchi, Yurakucho and Hibiya

    Updated on 10 October
    This year’s Taste of Tokyo was cancelled due to a very serious threat posed by Typhoon No 19 (aka Hagibis). 

    Taste of Tokyo (“Tokyo Ajiwai Festa” in Japanese) is a three-day fair, full of seasonal food and flavours from Tokyo.

    The event highlights a wide range of dishes and products using ingredients produced in the metropolitan area, covering Tokyo’s nature-rich suburban cities and islands in the Pacific Ocean.

    For added fun, the sixth edition in 2019 will bring in rugby-themed dishes to entice visitors – Japan is the 2019 host of the world rugby cup, to be held from 20 September through 2 November.

    And the Taste of Tokyo is not just about food. It also features traditional crafts, outdoor movies, concerts and workshops to “Discover Tokyo, Enjoy Japan

    Highlights of Taste of Tokyo 2019

    The fair will take place in three areas of central Tokyo: Marunouchi, Yurakucho and Hibiya.

    Marunouchi – “Made in Tokyo” area 【11 am – 5 pm】

    Food trucks will serve chefs’ dishes using Tokyo’s vegetables and ingredients, on the main street of Marunouchi (“Marunouchi-naka-dori”), on the west side of JR Tokyo Station. Along the adjacent Gyoko-dori Street, there will be a market of Tokyo’s fresh food products and traditional crafts, with demonstration of craft-making techniques.

    ◆ Rugby; Food trucks of renowned restaurants will serve dishes from the rugby superpower in the world.

    東京味わいフェスタ 2019 – Taste of Tokyo
    東京味わいフェスタ 2019 – Taste of Tokyo
    東京味わいフェスタ 2019 – Taste of Tokyo

    Yurakucho – flavours and tastes of Tokyo and Japan 【11 am – 8 pm】

    The open-air space (“Plaza”) at Tokyo International Forum will gather a variety of local delicacies. Taste sake and Japanese beer, with delicious savoury snacks made in Tokyo and around the country.

    ◆ Rugby: features local cuisine from cities where rugby has a strong presence

    東京味わいフェスタ 2019 – Taste of Tokyo

    Hibiya – food and entertainment

    ◆ Tokyo Midtown Hibiya (Hibiya Step Hiroba) 【11 am – 8 pm】

    Find Tokyo’s gourmet treat prepared by local establishments. Also enjoy free live music and outdoor projection of short films.

    ◆ Hibiya Park 【11 am – 5 pm】

    Savour dishes using Tokyo ingredients, prepared by well-established restaurants. Participate in family-oriented events such as workshops using flowers produced in Tokyo.

    ◆ Rugby: Hosts a live talk by former national players and wheelchair rugby for visitors to try.

* The above is the information known at the time of publication and subject to change without prior notice.

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