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Super Yosakoi at Harjuku-Omotesando 2019


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  • Super Yosakoi at Harjuku-Omotesando 2019
    明治神宮奉納 原宿表参道元氣祭 スーパーよさこい2019

    24 – 25 August 2019
    Harajuku / Omotesando neighbourhood

    Celebrate summer at Harajuku and Omotosando in Tokyo, with the upbeat Japanese dance called “yosakoi”.

    Every year, the popular festival brings together more than 100 yosakoi dance teams from Japan and abroad, drawing some 800,000 spectators.

    原宿表参道元氣祭 スーパーよさこい2019

    What is Yosakoi?

    Yosakoi is originally a folk dance from Kochi Prefecture in western Japan.

    Today it is a popular free-style group dancing using Japanese music, arranged into vibrant, contemporary choreography. Each dancer holds a pair of naruko (sort of wooden castanets) in his/her hands and wears the team’s costume designed with kimono motifs.

    Super Yosakoi 2019

    The 19th edition of the summer event will feature 110 dance teams, the largest number ever to participate, including many winning teams from the Kochi Yosakoi Festival, yosakoi’s heartland.

    Join the 2019 yosakoi festival to be held at six venues (stages and streets) in and around Harajuku, including Meiji-jingu Shrine.

    Also for this year, visit food stalls at a gourmet fair called “umaimon ichi”, offering a variety of local snacks and products from all over Japan.

    Venues of Super Yosakoi 2019

    ◆ Meiji Shrine (Jingu Kaikan)

    The stage will be set up in a lush green at the famous Shinto sanctuary’s grove.

    ◆ Harajuku Stage

    This is the festival’s main stage, just by JR Harajuku Station.

    ◆ Stage at Yoyogi Park

    The stage is located on the south side of Yoyogi Park. There, at the Yoyogi Park B-section event space, the “Umaimon-ichi” gourmet fair will take place, too!

    原宿表参道元氣祭 スーパーよさこい2019

    ◆ Yoyogi-no-mori Bon-odori Venue

    On this ground, a Bon dancing festival “Yoyogi-no-mori Bon-odori” will also be held. See the two-day yosakoi performance AND enjoy the bon-dancing, in festive mood with many stalls.

    ◆ Omotesando Avenue

    On “Omotesando Avenue” near the subway Omotesando Station, stretching toward Jingu-mae intersection, some 50 teams with more than 3,000 dancers will showcase their performance. A feast for the eyes!

    原宿表参道元氣祭 スーパーよさこい2019

    ◆ Street opposite NHK

    Yosakoi teams will parade down “NHK-mae Street”, passing by the Second Yoyogi National Gymnasium.

    原宿表参道元氣祭 スーパーよさこい2019

* The above is the information known at the time of publication and subject to change without prior notice.

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