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  • Sumida River Fireworks Festival 2018
    (41st Sumida-gawa hanabi taikai)

    28 July 2018
    *To be postponed to 29 July in case of stormy weather
    *To be cancelled if neither day is possible

    Sumida River

    *Postponed to 29 July (Sun) due to a typhoon

    One of Tokyo’s three major fireworks festivals, “Sumida River Fireworks Festival” attracts some 960,000 spectators every year.

    The festival’s roots go back to 1733 when a firework event was held at Ryogoku (currently in Sumuda-ku, Tokyo) during the reign of the Eighth Tokugawa Shogun Yoshimune. The event was to console the spirits of those who died in the great famine in the previous year.

    sumida fireworks 2018 01
    Photo courtesy: Taito City, Tokyo

    Sumida River Fireworks Festival 2018

    In this spectacular pyrotechnical show 2018, a total of 20,000 fireworks will be launched from two firing stations on the banks of the Sumida River (Sumida-gawa): 9,650 will be fired from the station No.1 (located near Sakura-bashi Bridge), and 10,350 from the station No.2 (between Komagata-bashi Bridge and Umaya-bashi Brdige).

    Brilliant flowers will spark in the night sky of Tokyo, highlighting the silhouette of Tokyo Skytree.

    sumida fireworks 04
    Photo courtesy: Taito City, Tokyo

* The above is the information known at the time of publication and subject to change without prior notice.

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