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  • VenusFort Projection Mapping & Illumination 2017
    VenusFort Lumina

    2 November 2017 – mid-March 2018
    Odaiba VenusFort

    VenusFort is a shopping mall inside Palette Town, a major attraction complex located in Odaiba. The mall specializes in fashion, household items and accessories, and also has a fashion outlet mall on one of its floors. VenusFort was designed to resemble a city of the 17th – 18th century Europe, and has a large vaulted ceiling.

    The setting is perfect for its annual indoor attraction, creating a medieval fairy town with visual and sound effects, realized by projection mapping technology. For the 2017-2018 season, a frozen townscape emerges, shining with snow crystals and lights.

    On weekends up to Christmas, a special version of sound and light will be delivered with live organ music, adding a dramatic effect to it. Admission free.

    お台場ヴィーナスフォート 2017-18冬のイルミネーション


    ◆ Fountain Plaza / Broad Avenue

    Wander into the fantastic world of snowflakes and lights. A majestic feel will be amplified with organ music.

    お台場ヴィーナスフォート 2017-18冬のイルミネーション

    ◆ Olive Plaza

    A large ceiling light with shades projects beautiful shadows on the walls.

    お台場ヴィーナスフォート 2017-18冬のイルミネーション

    ◆ South Avenue / North Avenue
    Some 80 shaded lamps hanging from the ceiling modulate the light into various shades of colours in sync with music.

    お台場ヴィーナスフォート 2017-18冬のイルミネーション

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