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  • Odaiba Hawaii Festival 2019

    27 April – 6 May 2019
    Venus Fort, MEGA WEB, Palette Plaza

    The Golden Week holiday period in Odaiba, a waterfront area full of attractions, is a time to celebrate with the annual Odaiba Hawaii Festival.

    At this colourful 10-day festival, treat yourself with “Hawaiian holidays”, even without leaving Tokyo, and find the beauty of the Aloha State!

    お台場ハワイ・フェスティバル 2019


    About Odaiba Hawaii Festival 

    Odaiba Hawaii Festival is one of the top Golden Week destinations in Tokyo. And it’s free, like any other great events held in the Japanese capital. Last year the festival drew a total of some 480,000 visitors over the nine-day period.

    The commercial and attraction complex VenusFort, which boasts Toyota’s showroom MEGA WEB and TeamLab’s media-art facility among others, will daily host excellent shows, such as Hawaiian music, dance and Polynesian performances.

    The festival will also entice you to go for Hawaiian foods, items and souvenirs, as well as articles for tropical vacation. Moreover, some workshops will help you to learn a bit of the Hawaiian culture, like playing the ukulele, or to make your own tropical items.

    2019 Odaiba Hawaii Festival’s theme 

    The 2019 theme of the festival, held for the 17th time this year, is “My Aloha”. Find your favourite Hawaii at Odaiba via wonderful live performances, food and more.

    What not to miss of Odaiba Hawaii Festival 2019

    ◆ Hawaiian Performance

    Free live performance of Hawaiian music, hula, Tahitian dance and more by international and Japanese artists.

    【Dates】 27 April – 6 May
    【Place】 Palette Plaza, Church Square, MEGA WEB
    *possible change of venues and programmes, depending on the weather and other conditions

    Feel a real Hawaii through entertainment offered by acclaimed artists:

    27 April (Sat) Ryo Natoyama
    28 April (Sun) Halau O Ka Manu Hula Le`a
    29 April (Mon) Brother Tom
    30 April (Tue) Sean Na’Auao
    2 May (Thur) The Lim Family
    5 May (Sun) Te Ra KYOKO

    お台場ハワイ・フェスティバル 2019お台場ハワイ・フェスティバル 2019
    Clockwise from left top: Sean Na’Auao, The Lim Family, Te Ra KYOKO, Brother Tom, Halau o Ka Manu Hula Le’a and Ryo Natoyama

    ◆ Polynesian Show

    Dancers and musicians from the Polynesian Culture Center, Hawaii, will offer fantastic shows this year again, including “HA: Breath of Life”. Get ready to hold your breath with the performance staged by the World Fireknife Championship’s gold medalists.

    【Dates】 1 – 4 May
    【Place】 Palette Plaza and other places


    ◆ Lei Day

    On 1 May, Lei Day is celebrated in Hawaii to honour traditional Hawaiian culture and lei garlands are exchanged.

    Celebrate Lei Day with guest artists and hula dancers. Plus, Kukui Lei will be presented to visitors (*on the first-come-first-served basis; by prior distribution of numbered tickets).

    【Date】 1 May
    【Place】 Church Square (*t.b.c.)

    ◆ Keiki Hula

    Celebrate Children’s Day with Keiki, meaning “children” in the Hawaiian language. Kids will be welcomed for a hula workshop.

    【Date】 5 May
    【Place】 Palette Plaza, Church Square

    お台場ハワイ・フェスティバル 2019

    ◆ Hawaiian workshops

    Play the ukulele, make “Hawaiian” sandals and more at Hawaiian cultural workshops. For both adults and kids.

    【Dates】 27 April – 6 May
    【Place】MEGA WEB and others

    お台場ハワイ・フェスティバル 2019

    ◆Hawaiian Market

    The Hawaiian Market will offer a variety of fashion items and accessories. Stock up T-shrits and find cool souvenirs.

    【Dates】 27 April – 6-May
    【Place】 Various locations inside VenusFort

    Food trucks and restaurants
    ◆Hawaiian “kitchen car” (food trucks)

    Food trucks will be there to serve a variety of Hawaiian favourites, including garlic shrimps, loco moco and marasada. Taste specialty snacks and drinks made by popular restaurants, such as Aloha Table Waikiki and Wow Wow Hawaiian Lemonade.

    【Dates】 27 April – 6 May
    【Place】 Palette Plaza

    ◆ Resort food menus at restaurants

    Pick up one of the menus with a tropical focus available for a limited period at VenusFort’s restaurants, featuring loco moco, oyster mushrooms, tropical fruits, sweets, and cocktails.

    【Dates】 27 April (Sat) – 30 June (Sun)
    【Place】 In-house restaurants and cafes

    お台場ハワイ・フェスティバル 2019

* The above is the information known at the time of publication and subject to change without prior notice.

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