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Odaiba Hawaii Festival 2018


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  • Odaiba Hawaii Festival 2018

    28 April – 6 May 2018
    Venus Fort, MEGA WEB, Palette Plaza

    Updated on 25 April

    Odaiba Hawaii Festival is one of the most popular events held during the annual “Golden Week” holidays in Japan. It takes place in Oaiba, Tokyo’s waterfront area with many entertainment complexes and shopping malls. Last year half a million people visited the event.

    And for good reason: Hawaii is one of the most popular tourist destinations for Japanese people. Also, hula dancing is hugely popular in the country.


    Odaiba Hawaii Festival 2018

    For the 16th year, the festival will be organized under the theme “Mino’aka” or smile, to make visitors smile with plenty of surprises and good vibe.

    The festival will feature Hawaiian music and hula dance performed by professionals and enthusiastic amateurs from Japan, Hawaii and its region

    There will be workshops related to Hawaiian culture, and a market for Hawaiian food, accessories and articles, as well as resort-holiday items. Restaurants and food trucks will serve Hawaiian dishes.

    The festival is enjoyable for families, couples and friends. Great for holiday feeling, especially if you cannot get out of town during the Golden Week!


    Odaiba Hawaii Festival’s main events


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