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  • Mid-Park Yoga

    22 April – 24 May 2017
    Tokyo Midtown

    Spring has come and early summer is approaching. The popular open-air yoga event is back in town. Take deep breaths, stretch your body and relax on the lawn. Feel the sky. Feel the earth. And this time around, feel the energy from Mount Fuji as well!

    Mid-Park Yoga (April-May 2017) (amuzen article)

    A variety of lessons will be led by popular yoga teachers, including Ken Harakuma, Fuyuko Kurihara, Juri Edwards and HANAE.

    Morning sessions will be held on weekends and national holidays, and evening sessions on weekdays, for a total of 17 days and twice each day.

    In the middle of the lawn space, “Edo Fuji” will await yogis. This Mt.Fuji is there for sound and light spectacles to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Tokyo Midtown.

    All sessions are free. Bring your own mat.


    Dates and instructors

    Morning sessions (M) 1) 8 – 9 am; 2) 10 -11 am
    Evening sessions (E) 1) 6:30 – 7:30 pm; 2) 8:30-9:30 pm

    22 Apr (Sat) M Waka Nozawa
    23 Apr (Sun) M Akiko Yoshikawa
    25 Apr (Tue) E Mayu Ueda
    26 Apr (Wed) E Angela Maki Vernon
    29 Apr (Sat)* M Arisa Takada
    30 Apr (Sun) M Mika Ishimaru
    3 May (Wed)* M Fuyuko Kurihara
    4 May (Thur)* M Kie Onodera
    5 May (Fri)* M Yoshika Sugimoto
    6 May (Sat) M Yoshimi Yamase
    7 May (Sun) M Maiko Kudo
    9 May (Tue) E Juri Edwards
    10 May (Wed) E AMI
    16 May (Tue) E Yo Maesaki
    17 May (Wed) E HANAE
    23 May (Tue) E Tomo Ikezawa
    24 May (Wed) E Ken Harakuma

    *national holidays

* The above is the information known at the time of publication and subject to change without prior notice.

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