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  • Meguro River Minna-no Illumination 2019

    8 November 2019 – 5 January 2020
    Meguro River (near Gotanda and Osaki)

    The Meguro River is famed for the cherry blossoms along the river bank. This winter, the cherry trees will be lit up again to give a magical view.

    Find out about this eco-friendly winter light festival.


    The Meguro River minna-no-illumination 2019

    The cherry trees on the banks of the Meguro River, in the neighbourhood of Gotanda and Osaki, will be lit up with LEDs in shades of sakura blossoms.

    ◆ Participatory lighting festival

    The Meguro River illumination “for (or by) everyone” is a free, winter lighting event organized in a green manner with local initiation. The power is 100 per cent generated by the recycled waste cooking oil collected from locals.

    Together with Shinagawa City, some 410,000 LEDs in cherry-blossom shades light up the trees for a total length of about 2.2 km along the Meguro River.


    ◆ “Cherry-blossom” viewing Igloos

    For a fun way of winter “cherry-blossom” viewing, pop-up Igloos will be set up at Gotanda Fureai Mizube Hiroba, one of the main venues.

    【Dates】16 -25 December (t.b.c.)

* The above is the information known at the time of publication and subject to change without prior notice.

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