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JGP Intl Orchid & Flower Show 2021


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  • Japan Grand Prix International Orchid and Flower Show 2021

    25 – 31 March 2021
    Tokyo Dome City (Prism Hall)



    The annual JGP International Orchid and Flower Show will be held for the 31st time this year.


    Highlights of the Orchid and Flower Show 2021

    (*Titles below are given for the readers’ convenience only; not official translation)

    ◆ Unusual spring, ordinary happiness

    Every year, the JGP International Orchid and Flower Show attracts not only core orchid fans but also a bunch of flower lovers.

    The 2021 edition will highlight “ordinary happiness” taken for granted, that of being simply surrounded by beautiful blooming orchids, especially during this unusual time.

    世界らん展2021 東京ドームシティ‐

    スプリング”蘭”ウェイ 展示イメージ


    ◆ Japanese orchid “ebine”

    For this year, the Orchid and Flower show will have a special section featuring the Japanese native orchid “ebine” (the calanthe) that blooms in spring with clusters of delicate purple-pink flowers.

    世界らん展2021 東京ドームシティ‐


    世界らん展2021 東京ドームシティ‐

    展示予定花 一寸法師


    ◆ Orchid Gate 2021

    A colouful installation made of orchids in vibrant colours – yellow, orange and pink shades – will welcome visitors to celebrate spring.

    世界らん展2021 東京ドームシティ‐

    オーキット・ゲート2021 展示イメージ


    ◆ IKKO’s door to the beauty

    Beauty artist and TV personality, IKKO will present his (her) installation this year under the theme of “My make-up room”, decorated with kimono and cosmetics on a deep-red background.

    世界らん展2021 東京ドームシティ‐

    IKKO(美容家) 前回の展示作品


    ◆ Works of flower artists

    Gape at fantastic floral displays presented by leading flower artists in the country.

    世界らん展2021 東京ドームシティ‐

    假屋崎省吾(華道家) 前回の展示作品

    世界らん展2021 東京ドームシティ‐

    志穂美悦子(花創作家) 前回の展示作品


    ◆Japan Grand Prix

    The Japan Grand Prix is one of the world’s largest competitions for the orchid growers, consisting of five categories.

    世界らん展2021 東京ドームシティ‐

    2020年日本大賞花. パフィオペディラム ツクバ スウィート ‘ヒサシ’


    ◆Botanical Market

    Stock up colourful flowers, plants and accessories.

    世界らん展2021 東京ドームシティ‐

    ボタニカルマーケット イメージ

* The above is the information known at the time of publication and subject to change without prior notice.

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