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Hibiya Festival 2021


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  • Hibiya Festival 2021

    29 April – 16 May 2021

    Tokyo Midtown Hibiya



    Hibiya Festival“, a theater festival hosted by Tokyo Midtown Hibiya – a major commercial complex – has mobilized more than 3 million people.

    The festival offers stage performances in the open air and for free, ranging from short pieces of plays and dances, to musicals and operas.


    What not to miss at Hibiya Festival 2021

    Hibiya Festival 2021” will take place for the third time this year, after the cancellation last year, which was unavoidable…

    The 2021 lineup includes: the “Step Show“, a showcase of performing arts, traditional and modern; the “Machinaka Theater” for pop-up performances; and the “Kangeki School” led by top-class instructors and entertainers.

    The festival will also introduce new initiatives this time, such as the management of audience seats to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection and live online streaming of performances.

    In a nutshell: eighteen days of fun and stage performances in central Tokyo.


    ◆ Step show

    From traditional performing arts to ballroom dance and operas, staged in the open air.

    [Dates] 29 April – 9 May
    [Place] Hibiya Step Hiroba (at the Atrium in case of rain)
    [Fees] Free (some areas require advance reservations).

    2 May (Sun) “Aladdin and the Magic Song” Mini Concert (Nissay Theater)

    Hibiya Festival 2021

    2018年公演より 撮影:三枝近志

    3 May (Mon / holiday) “Japanese Dance Neo-Hibiya Fes. Special Edition-” (Shochiku-Japan Dance Association)

    Hibiya Festival 2021


    * Guest speakers: Kikunosuke Onoe and Koshiro Matsumoto

    Hibiya Festival 2021

    尾上菊之丞 松本幸四郎


    ◆ Machinaka Theater

    Pop-up plays, dances and performances at different parts of Tokyo Midtown Hibiya and on the streets.

    [Dates] 29 April – 9 May
    [Place] Hibiya Godzilla Square, Hibiya Nakadori Street, Hibiya Park Matsumotoro Grill & Garden Terrace, etc.
    [Fees] Free (*the number of spectators will be limited)

    15 – 16 May (Sat & Sun) “Sanriku Performing Arts Dance”

    Hibiya Festival 2021

    三陸踊り イメージ


    ◆ Kangeki School

    Free seminars for adults and children, led by first-class artists and specialists, to enjoy music, musicals, theaters and traditional performing arts

    [Dates] 29 April – 9 May
    [Place] Tokyo Midtown Hibiya: Atrium
    [Fees] Free (*the number of class attendees will be limited)


    Hibiya Festival 2021

    SAMURAI Dojo

* The above is the information known at the time of publication and subject to change without prior notice.

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