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Illuminated countdown to 2017 at Hanayashiki


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  • Illuminated countdown to 2017 at Hanayashiki

    31 December 2016 – 1 January 2017
    Asakusa Hanayashiki

    Asakusa Hanayashiki is a popular amusement park plenty of retro charm, matching the old good atmosphere of the town of Asakusa, as many would say. Opened in 1853 during the Edo period, this historic attraction site is also known as one of the best venues in Tokyo for countdown to New Year, attracting many people on the occasion.

    This season, for the first time in its 163-year history, Hanayashiki is illuminated under the theme ofSakura Romance” (until 30 March 2017).

    Illuminated countdown to 2017 at Hanayashiki (amuzen article)

    The countdown to New Year will take place in a delightful atmosphere, thus for the first time, with romantic lights! The well-known end-of-year event will be held, as always, with much fun in a joyful mood. The comedian entertainer “Hikky Kitakaze” will show up on stage to perform his funny “underpants countdown” to the year 2017.

    If lucky, you may even win, by drawing of lots, a “happi” (Japanese jacket) that entitles you and all of your companions (no matter how many of them) to a free admission to the park throughout 2017.

    Conclude the year even more merrily with a visit of Hanayashiki’s haunted house as well as rides on its merry-go-round and other attractions (included in the ticket price) – just before heading for the nearby Sensoji Temple to pay your New Year’s Day homage!

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