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Furusato Matsuri Tokyo 2019 – Tokyo Dome


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  • Furusato Matsuri Tokyo 2019
    – festivals and tastes of Japan

    11 – 20 January 2019
    Tokyo Dome

    Travel around the country, even without taking a train.

    Every year, around mid-January, when New Year’s joyous feeling or holiday hangover still lingers for many, Furusato Matsuri Tokyo provides extra days of celebration and good vibes, with colourful performances of matsuri (traditional festivals) and local delicacies from all over Japan.

    During the 10-day festival, the Tokyo Dome, home of the Yomiuri Giants baseball team, will host festive attractions and energetic performing arts, coming from Tohoku region in the north to Okinawa in the south.

    A great variety of delicious local dishes making your mouth water will be there to be tasted. The popular “National Championship of Donburi Bowls” will also take place with audience participation.

    It is brilliant to kick-start the year 2019 with Furusato Matsuri Tokyo, with your family, colleagues, friends or sweethearts. Taste delicious Japanese dishes that you have never met before, while watching festival floats in delightful colours and perhaps dancing with performing troupes to the tune of festive music.

    One more plus, more than 60 mascots of local municipalities will also join the party and greet you.



    Festivals from around the country

    Colourful floats and energetic dances representing major Japanese festivals will rock the stadium every day.

    They include the spectacular Nebuta (neputa) festivals with fantastic floats from Aomori prefecture and “Akita kanto festival” involving the feat of manipulating long vertical poles decorated with lanterns.

    Performances from fantastic dance festivals, such as Kochi Yosakoi Festival and all-Okinawa Eisa Festival, will make you dance merrily with the performers and other audience members.

    Aomori Nebuta matsuri, All Okinawa Eisa, Kiryu Yagibushi matsuri and Hachinohe sansha taisai (clockwise from top left)

    The 10th National Donburi Championship

    Donburi stands for Japanese rice-bowl dishes with a variety of toppings and ingredients. In this gourmet contest, the most popular bowls selected in the preliminary round will compete with the last year’s laureates over the best donburi titles.

    You can taste these delicious bowls (each bowl costs only 500 yen) and vote for your best donburi.

    ◆Hall-of-Fame donburis (“Den-don”)

    From left: Unimeshi-don (Hokkaido), Yonesawa-gyu steak-don (Yamagata) and Hachinohe gin-saba-toro-dzuke-don (Aomori)

    ◆Seeded donburis (“seed donburi”)

    (clockwise from top left) Echizen! Kanimeshi kani-donburi (Fukui), Shibushi Kagoshima kurobuta zanmai (Kagoshima), Bungosuido Kan-buri-dzuke-don (Oita), Nagoya kochin oyako-don (Aichi) and Tokachi-gyu-toro-don (Hokkaido)

    ◆Trial winners (“yosenkai-toppa donburi”)

    (Examples of winners, clockwise from top left) Aka-gyu yokubari-don (Kumamoto), Nodoguro-don (Shimane), Mikawa-isshiki-san unagi-mabushi-don (Aichi), Shonan shirasu-no-odawara-sansyoku-don (Kanagawa), Uwajima tai-meshi (Ehime) and Setouchi otakara tako-ten-don (Hiroshima)

    Local mascots’ party

    A number of local mascots – cuddly ambassadorial idols of municipalities and prefectures from all over Japan – will show up daily, at 3 pm at the festival space (“O-matsuri hiroba”).

    Live music by CHARAMEL

    You may perhaps have heard of Funassyi, the pear fairy and “unofficial” mascot of Funabashi City, Chiba prefecture near Tokyo (which is a producer of “nashi” or the Japanese pear).

    Funassyi is also a musician and vocalist, who leads CHARAMEL, a metal band of mascots with Akkuma (Gt), Kapal (Ba) and Nyangostar (Dr). The band will perform live on stage on 16 January (Wed) for a “Special Night event”.


    Local gourmet market (“Nigiwai-ichi”)

    For food and drink, a great many stalls will entice you to try more than 300 local specialties, ranging from “uni (sea urchin)”, wagyu beef, to various regional dishes and sweets.

    Examples of local delicacies, clockwise from top left: Kiritampo-nabe (Akita), Buri-don (Ishikawa), Nama-melon soft cream (Hokkaido) and Yonesawa-gyu croquette (Yamagata)

    ◆ Special Night events

    For a merry evening, participate in a Special Night event held every day from 6 to 9 pm.

    Delicious foods and more than 100 kinds of local beers and wines will be offered to accompany the spectacle of traditional performances.


* The above is the information known at the time of publication and subject to change without prior notice.

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