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Seibu Railway gourmet train “52 Seats of Bliss”

  • Seibu Railway gourmet train “52 Seats of Bliss”

    Seibu Line between Ikebukuro/Shinjuku and Chichibu; Sinjuku and Honkawagoe
    Starting from 17 April 2016

    What’s more surprising and exhilarating than a trip by … gourmet train? In spring 2016, Seibu Railway transforms a tourist train into a truly travelling restaurant! By combining the pleasure of railway trip and that of gastronomy, the company wished to make train travel a unique tourist entertainment, featuring Chichibu City located in Saitama Prefecture and bordering Tokyo.

    The comfortable seats, all in diners, will allow you to savour exquisite dishes supervised by renowned chefs of Japanese, Western and Chines cuisines (*), while enjoying pretty sceneries.

    The trains’ exterior is painted with designs of the four seasons in Chichibu and the Arakawa River that runs through the Musashino Plain. The interior of the car is designed on the theme of nature, decorated with wood and local traditional crafts.

    The gourmet train “52 seats of bliss” will be run as a special train for about 100 days a year, mainly on Saturdays and holidays. Online booking is required.

    Seibu gourmet train "travelling restaurant" (article by amuzen)※ Culinary supervision
    General supervision: Takashi Tamura, President, Tsukiji Tamura (Tokyo)
    Japanese cuisine: Shin Okamoto, Managing Chef, La BOMBANCE (Tokyo)
    Western cuisine: Keizo Sugimoto, Managing Chef, La FinS (Tokyo)
    Chinese cuisine: Hiroyuki Shinohara, Master Chef, Chines Restaurant Shangu (Tokyo)

    Seibu gourmet train "travelling restaurant" (article by amuzen)

    *Sample image may differ from actual menu

  • Place name Ikebukuro Station – Seibu Chichibu Station
    Seibu Shinjuku Station – Seibu Chichibu Station
    Seibu Shinjuku Station – Honkawagoe Station
    (in Japanese) 池袋駅~西武秩父駅、
    Website go to website  52 Seats of Bliss (in Japanese)
    Phone 04-2996-2888 Seibu Railways Customer Center
    (9 am – 7 pm on weekdays; 9 am – 5 pm on weekends and holidays)
    Dates   Check the website of 52 “Seats of Bliss”
    *operating dates from April to June 2016:
    Ikebukuro ⇔ Seibu Chichibu
    17・29・30 April; 1・15・28・29 May; 4・5・18・19 June
    Seibu Shinjuku ⇔ Seibu Chichibu
    23・24 April; 3・4・5・7・8・21・22 May; 11・12・25・26 June
    Opening hours  <Branch Course>
    Ikebukuro dept. 10:50 am → Seibu Chichibu arr. 2 pm
    Seibu Shinjuku dept. 10:45 am → Seibu Chichibu 2 pm
    Seibu Shinjuku dept 10:45 am → Honkawagoe 1:15 pm(*)
    <Dinner Course>
    Seibu Chichibu dept. 5:40 pm → Ikebukuro arr. 8 pm
    Seibu Chichibu dept. 5:40 pm → Seibu Shinjuku arr. 8 pm
    Honkawagoe dept. 5:15 pm → Seibu Shinjuku arr. 8 pm(*)
    *No train operation between Seibu Shinjuku and Honkawagoe from April to June 2016
    Price Branch Course: ¥10000 (incl. tax);
    Dinner Course ¥15000 (incl. tax)
    *Price includes train fares, dinner course fees, etc.
    *Uniform price (no reduced price for children)
    *Bringing food and drink inside the train is not allowed
    *Dinner Course includes a souvenir
    Reservation  Online booking is required (via the website of “52 Seats of Bliss”)
    *Reservation starts from 1 February 2016
    *Reservation of Branch Course on 17 April 2016 (with a launching ceremony) is by drawing of lot (between 1 February and 14 February 2016)

* The above is the information known at the time of publication and subject to change without prior notice.


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