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  • Roppongi Kabuki vol 2

    4 -20 February 2017
    EX Theater Roppongi


    Roppongi Kabuki” is back for a new season, following a great success of the first edition in February 2015. Ebizo Ichikawa, the kabuki star and actor, and Shinobu Terajima, the leading Japanese actress, pair up (for the second time after 22 years) in this ground-breaking theater “Zatoichi

    Roppongi Kabuki vol 2 “Zatoichi” (amuzen article)

    Zatoichi is an action drama set in feudal Japan, featuring that blind master swordsman Ichi. In the guise of an itinerant masseur, he wanders about the country, battling against sinister figures to save the vulnerable. The fiction was much popularized by the film series starring the late Shintaro Katsu.

    The coming stage co-starring Ebizo Ichihara and Shinobu Terajima is scripted by the writer and artist Lily Frankie and directed by the filmmaker Takashi Miike. Get ready for an astounding and spectacular adaptation of Zatoichi.

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