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Valentine’s Day Matcha Soft Serve with 3 hearts


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  • Special Valentine’s Day Matcha Soft Serve

    17 January – 14 February 2017
    Gion Tsujiuri (Tokyo Skytree Town Solamachi shop)

    Roses are red, Violets are blue. Matcha sweets are … green! 
    Whether solo or in love, here is a delicious Valentine’s Day treat for all matcha sweets lovers.

    Gion Tsujiri is a Kyoto-based Japanese tea company specialized in Uji tea and matcha sweets, and runs popular Japanese-tea houses in Kyoto. Its outlet at Tokyo Skytree Town “Solamachi” offers a variety of matcha-based soft serve ice creams and drinks, as well as Uji tea leaves and matcha-flavoured delicacies.

    Special Valentine’s Day Matcha Soft Serve (amuzen article)

    Now they offer a special matcha-flavoured ice cream, available only at their Tokyo shop and for a limited period up to Valentine’s Day. A rich matcha soft serve of Uji tea comes with a piece of “Gâteau Bubu matcha-chocolate crunch” and three kinds of heart-shaped sweets of macaron, hazelnut jelly and raspberry mousse. Two layers of raspberry jelly and “mousse au Hoji-cha” at the bottom of the cup add an excellent finishing touch. Gently sweetened, with a hint of sourness, this special desert is a must-try if you visit Tokyo Skytree.

    Special Valentine’s Day Matcha Soft Serve (amuzen article)

    For one more fun activity, you may like to visit Sumida Aquarium, located also at Solamachi, to meet jellyfish and penguins!

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