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Toranomon Hills Yoga (spring 2017)


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    9 April – 11 June 2017 (total 19 sessions)
    Tranomon Hills


    Spring has arrived, for yoga as well. The popular open-air yoga meetup at Toranomon Hills is coming back for the spring season.

    A total of 19 sessions will be held on Sunday mornings and Monday evenings, from April to June. A variety of yoga lessons for all, from the novices to experienced yogis, will be offered by Reebok ONE Ambassadors and other popular instructors.

    Toranomon Hills Yoga (spring 2017) “OUR PARKS SPRING ‘TORANOMON HILLS YOGA’ ” (amuzen article)

    The good news is that you don’t need to bring your own yoga mat any more. The mat rental is included in a session fee of 500 yen. So just bring yourself in comfortable clothes. One more plus, each participant will receive a 500-yen coupon valid at Toranomon Hills’ participating shops and cafes. A nice deal?

    Programme (*session titles are indicative only; not official translation)

    9 April Sun aki BORN TO YOG 60 min
    10 April Mon Shiho Ishige Strala Basic
    16 April Sun Tomomi Kyono MomicArts -Good Moming flow –
    17 April Mon Maiko Akutagawa Urban Night Flow
    23 April Sun Yuko Imai Strala yoga
    24 April Mon kiyoshi BORN TO YOG
    30 April Sun Takaharu Hasegawa OHA YOGA (morning yoga)
    1 May Mon Tomomi Kyono MomicArts -Good night cross flow-
    7 May Sun Go Sato BURN OUT (Reebok special version)
    8 May Mon Midori Nagano Night yoga
    14 May Sun Maiko Akutagawa Natural Light Flow
    15 May Mon Tomomi Kyono MomicArts -Good night cross flow-
    21 May Sun Akihiro Matsukawa Morning flow
    22 May Mon Riko Ikeda Release, connect your body and mind
    28 May Sun Takako Hosokawa re:born yoga (short version)
    29 May Mon Shiho Ishige Strala Basic
    4 June Sun Hatsumi Ishikawa Ashtanga yoga
    5 June Mon Saho Hashoda Yoga under a starry sky
    11 June Sun Risa Nishiura Refreshing Sunday Yoga♪


    Toranomon Hills Yoga (spring 2017) “OUR PARKS SPRING ‘TORANOMON HILLS YOGA’ ” (amuzen article)

* The above is the information known at the time of publication and subject to change without prior notice.

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