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Toranomon Hills Yoga (spring 2017)


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    9 April – 11 June 2017 (total 19 sessions)
    Tranomon Hills

    Spring has arrived, for yoga as well. The popular open-air yoga meetup at Toranomon Hills is coming back for the spring season.

    A total of 19 sessions will be held on Sunday mornings and Monday evenings, from April to June. A variety of yoga lessons for all, from the novices to experienced yogis, will be offered by Reebok ONE Ambassadors and other popular instructors.



    Programme (*session titles are indicative only; not official translation)

    9 April Sun aki BORN TO YOG 60 min
    10 April Mon Shiho Ishige Strala Basic
    16 April Sun Tomomi Kyono MomicArts -Good Moming flow –
    17 April Mon Maiko Akutagawa Urban Night Flow
    23 April Sun Yuko Imai Strala yoga
    24 April Mon kiyoshi BORN TO YOG
    30 April Sun Takaharu Hasegawa OHA YOGA (morning yoga)
    1 May Mon Tomomi Kyono MomicArts -Good night cross flow-
    7 May Sun Go Sato BURN OUT (Reebok special version)
    8 May Mon Midori Nagano Night yoga
    14 May Sun Maiko Akutagawa Natural Light Flow
    15 May Mon Tomomi Kyono MomicArts -Good night cross flow-
    21 May Sun Akihiro Matsukawa Morning flow
    22 May Mon Riko Ikeda Release, connect your body and mind
    28 May Sun Takako Hosokawa re:born yoga (short version)
    29 May Mon Shiho Ishige Strala Basic
    4 June Sun Hatsumi Ishikawa Ashtanga yoga
    5 June Mon Saho Hashoda Yoga under a starry sky
    11 June Sun Risa Nishiura Refreshing Sunday Yoga♪


* The above is the information known at the time of publication and subject to change without prior notice.

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