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  • Tokyo Tower Taiwan Festival 2017

    18 -20 March 2017
    Tokyo Tower


    A three-day event to savour Taiwanese food and culture, Taiwan Festival will be held at Tokyo Tower in the mid of Tokyo.

    Great food stalls, casual cafes and stage performances will take you immediately to a “real Taiwan”, presented in the image of Taiwan’s popular night market and Jiufen, a town full of nostalgic ambiance.

    Taiwanese food and drink
    Taiwan offers some of the greatest food in Asia: rice dishes, dumplings, noodles, soups and sweets. Taste excellent “street food”, such as the juicy xiao long bao dumpling, the spicy Dandan-mian noodles, beef noodle soups, barbecued meat, scallion pancakes, tapioca milk tea, shaved ice, peanut ice cream roll and much more.

    東京タワー台湾祭2017(amuzen article)
    東京タワー台湾祭2017(amuzen article)
    東京タワー台湾祭2017(amuzen article)
    (From above: fried xiao long bao, squid dumpling soup and Dandan noodles)

    Stalls of Taiwanese items and travel information
    Discover Taiwan through various local products, culture and travel information of its regions.

    Stage performance
    Live performance staged by Taiwanese and Taiwan-related artists

    Tokyo Tower Taiwan Festival 2017 (amuzen article)

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