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  • Tokyo Tower City Light Fantasia

    18 November 2016 – 23 April 2017
    Tokyo Tower


    If Tokyo Skytree reigns as the world’s tallest tower today, Tokyo Tower still maintains its elegant allure inspired by Eiffel Tower. It is a great place to feel your presence in the Japanese capital, high in the sky. And that in a more relaxed manner compared to the now overcrowded, younger, taller cousin.

    This winter, Tokyo Tower is set in a futuristic cityscape entitled “Tokyo Tower City Light Fantasia”. The creative team NAKED Inc. converted the Main Observatory (150m high) into a fantastic theatre, merging Tokyo’s real view and future sight into a symphony of sound and light. For the third edition, six interactive contents are being presented in the Fantasia.
    (*Images below are for illustration only)

    ◆ Mapping-photo Spots
    Two trompe-l’ œil photo spots are set up for your selfies with a three-dimensional Tokyo Tower projected on the floor.

    Tokyo Tower City Light Fantasia (amuzen article)

    One of the tower’s thrilling attractions is the “Look-down Window”, a glass floor of the Main Observatory. A vista of future city is cast onto the real view of Tokyo captured through the transparent floor glass.

    Tokyo Tower City Light Fantasia (amuzen article)

    ◆ Future City Walk-through
    The reality and the future merge into one. The night view of Roppongi and Shinjuku, seen from the lower window panes, is real, while the one reflected on the upper panes is an image of “Tokyo 20XX”. Projected on the floor is a future panorama with Tokyo Tower and skyscrapers.

    Tokyo Tower City Light Fantasia (amuzen article)

    ◆ AR Night View
    In the direction of Shiodome (in the northeast of Tokyo Tower), adore the spectacle of night views, the real one and the augmented reality version with Tokyo’s glittering skyscrapers, created by 4K monitors.

    Tokyo Tower City Light Fantasia (amuzen article)

    ◆ Tokyo Time Travel
    Like to feel the history? Take a look at the upper window panes in the direction of Tokyo Bay. The projected landscape moves from the past to the present, letting you travel through time from the Edo period to today. Perhaps with an odd sensation, as the lower windows offer the current view of Tokyo in real life.

    Tokyo Tower City Light Fantasia (amuzen article)

    ◆ Mapping Night View Guide
    On the northern side windows (facing Toranomon and the Imperial Palace), try identify Tokyo’s high-rises with the help of “Mapping Night View Guide”. Just like in a sci-fi novel or a Hollywood movie scene, comparing them with the actual buildings seen outside.

    Tokyo Tower City Light Fantasia (amuzen article)

* The above is the information known at the time of publication and subject to change without prior notice.

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