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Tokyo Tower’s Top Deck Tour


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  • Top Deck Tour

    Grand Opening on 3 March 2018
    Tokyo Tower

    Having long been a beloved symbol of the Japanese metropolis, Tokyo Tower will soon reopen its Special Observatory at 250 meters above sea level, which has been closed for a major renovation.

    The visit to the top observatory, now rebaptized as the Top Deck, will be operated as a new attraction called “Top Deck Tour”.

    amuzen “Tokyo Tower’s Top Deck Tour”

    The “Tour” will be by online reservation only (see the official website on the next page). Once a reservation is made, you will go straight to the dedicated lane at a designated time, without waiting in queue.

    The tour, which includes a welcome drink, will take you first to the Main Deck, or the former Main Observatory at 150 meters above sea level. There, discover the past and the future of the city of Tokyo and Tokyo Tower, with the help of a multi-lingual audio system.



    The icing on the cake, the Top Deck will offer you a fantastic view of Tokyo through the large window panes, which will make you feel just like floating in the air. That sensation will be further intensified by the newly-installed geometric mirror panels and the lighting effects.

    Then, the handset will vibrate to tell you the time, to take the elevator down to the ground level…


    amuzen “Tokyo Tower’s Top Deck Tour”

* The above is the information known at the time of publication and subject to change without prior notice.

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