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  • Tokyo Ramen Show 2018

    25 October – 4 November 2018
    Komazawa Olympic Park

    One of the greatest ramen festivals in Japan, “Tokyo Ramen Show” will soon be held for the 10th anniversary this year, with delicious ramen noodles selected from all over Japan.


    ◆ Tokyo Ramen Show -10th anniversary 

    To celebrate the tenth anniversary, finalist ramen dishes that “You Like to Taste Again”, selected by public voting from 333 dishes served in the past Tokyo Ramen Shows, will be available.

    In total, 36 great ramen dishes with a variety of ingredients and toppings will be provided at Komazawa Park (18 each for the first five days and the second five days).

    Find how the taste of soup stock varies, flavoured and nuanced with miso, salt, soy sauce, butter, kombu (dried kelp), shiitake, pork broth, chicken, vegetable and so on. Discover also your favourite texture and form of ramen pastas, such as thin, thick, chewy, dense, straight and wavy.


    In a nutshell, the 2018 Tokyo Ramen Show will bring together: the ramen noodles that You Like to Taste Again, signature dishes by famous shops, as well as popular joints’ special dishes only available during the Show. A bowl of ramen could be quite addictive!



    ◆ How to participate in the Tokyo Ramen Show

    Admission is free. Buy a “ramen ticket” first and go to your favourite stall to get a bowl of ramen. Pay in cash. No credit cards will be accepted at the event’s site. Advance tickets are sold at Seven Tickets.


* The above is the information known at the time of publication and subject to change without prior notice.

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