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Tokyo Midtown “Design Touch 2018”


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  • Tokyo Midtown DESIGN TOUCH 2018

    19 October – 4 November 2018
    Tokyo Midtown (Roppongi)

    An annual design and art fair, “Design Touch” will be held soon in Tokyo Midtown near Roppongi and Akasaka.

    For the 12th year, creators from Japan and overseas will convene around the theme of “ideas for the future”. Explore the appeal and possibilities of design through a variety of events and installations at Midtown.

    Tokyo Midtown DESIGN TOUCH 2018

    Design Touch 2018 – Editor’s Choice

    *admission free

    ◆ Park Pack by Ultra Public Project

    For the main event of this year’s Design Touch, “Park Pack” will be installed in the lawn area of Midtown.

    Park Pack is a container of tools and items, including tables and chairs. When opened, the Pack transforms the space into a playground or a cinema.

    Produced by the Ultra Public Project, a group established by Architecture Rhizomatiks, TYO and Dentsu Live.

    Tokyo Midtown DESIGN TOUCH 2018 Tokyo Midtown DESIGN TOUCH 2018

    【dates】 19 October – 4 November *cancellation in case of rain
    【place】 Midtown Garden and the Lawn

    ◆ Swell

    “Swell”, an installation to be set up in the Midtown Garden, will make the wind and light visible, thanks to the function of the mesh used as part of its design.

    A work by “we +” (we plus).

    Tokyo Midtown DESIGN TOUCH 2018

    【dates】 19 October – 4 November *cancellation if it rains
    【hours】 11 am – 9 pm
    【place】 Midtown Garden

    ◆ School of the Future: “Goodbye Work” Exhibition

    “Mirai-no-gakko” (school of the future) is a creative project to reflect on the future society with visitors. It is co-organized by Tokyo Midtown and Ars Electronica, a think-tank and media arts festival based in Linz, Austria.

    For the theme of the third edition, “the way of work in the future” will be scrutinized through media art, at a time when some professions are to be replaced by AI (artificial intelligence).

    “Kitty AI” by Pinar Yoldas

    Tokyo Midtown DESIGN TOUCH 2018
    2039, when a kitten-shaped AI dominates the political broadcasts…

    【dates】 19 October – 4 November
    【place】 Tokyo Midtown’s monitor screen(s)

* The above is the information known at the time of publication and subject to change without prior notice.

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